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Takashi Kabaya Office of Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist

Merojob Support 

We Merojob Support (Group), provide overall support to foreign manpower in terms of job introduction (Specified Skilled) and post employment life. We also provide in depth support for companies in terms of recruitment and post employment legal affairs to ensure a satisfactory employment relationship between foreign manpower and the companies they work for.

Group Summary

 MERO JOB SUPPORT was established in Yokohama in July 2021 by International Employment Association (IEA) & Takahashi Kabaya, certified administrative procedures and legal specialist with the aim of providing comprehensive services in the area of recruitment, immigration procedures and registration support services for foreign residents.

 Currently Japan has been experiencing the issue of population aging to an unprecedented degree. 

To overcome this problem, we would like to help revitalize the country by introducing skilled foreigners to different companies in Japan.

Since job hunting is very difficult in Japan most of the foreigners were found paying huge amount of money as a service charge to individual or companies that support job hunting


In this scenario most of the visa are obtained by presenting fake documents and position of work. As most of the procedures are illegal many foreigners are forced to return back to their country after spending huge amount of money to the brokers.

In case of our group, we don’t end up by introducing the company. We provide every support needed to foreigners such as assistance from immigration lawyer and Registered Support Organization.

※The lotus flower in the logo of our group has a symbolic meaning. we would like to represent ourselves as a beautiful lotus which blooms beautifully in a dirty mud without being stained●

Last but not the least, Mero is a Nepali word that means the same thing as My in English.


To All Foreigner

To All Domestic Companies

Our Team


      Kenji Arakawa

International Employment Association

Executive Director


        Tooru Nagakura

International Employment Association

       Executive Adviser

       Takashi Kabaya

Certified Administrative      Procedures Legal          Specialist

       Baral Bichhitra



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